You are not at your best yet!!! pt1

keep working to be the best

There are great amount of possibilities deposited within you, even beyond your present imagination. You have the power to achieve whatever you imagine. If you can think it, you can do it!! So no matter how much achievements you have bagged, more can still be bagged. Even if it feels like you have achieved the world, you can still achieve other planets because you are not at your best yet. Whatever incapacity you think have, you are not at your best yet, there is a whole lot more you can achieve. I believe you are not at your best because

   Someone have done it, you too can

We live in a world where people set and break records on a daily basis. Records that are set today can be broken tomorrow and this feats are achieved by people who are inspired. You too can set and break records in anything you pursue, you just need to be inspired enough. This is not put you in a competition with anyone, I believe you should only compete with your past achievement. My objective is to put you on your feet no matter what, knowing that you can and you should if the other person could and did. Sometimes I challenge myself with other people’s achievements. Here are few questions that drives me to improving myself
  • Are you the best at it?
If there is someone who is or have done better than you are, then you are not at your best yet.If you turn out to be the best in everything you do, then
  • Do you think in the next decade, nobody can improve on your achievements?
If you sincerely think your achievement can be improved on, then you are not the best you can be, keep working. But if you feel like your achievements can’t be improved on in the decade, congrats friend!! I seriously advice you move on to other challenges since there is no new challenge where you, and challenges we know is one of the spices of life.

You are hungry to standout

I just don’t want to blog, I want to be a standout inspirational blogger. I know you too want to standout in whatever you do, that’s what makes you and I alike, that’s why you are here. You and I will always feel this little pressure until we achieve a stand out status in our endeavours, that’s what makes us kings and queens. I have lived in years of stagnancy, waiting for things to come my way. I felt really empty at the time. All i wanted was to standout, but how could I when I wasn’t improving myself, I wasn’t creating the need for people to want anything I could offer.
But all that is in the past now, I am constantly improving, researching on how I can satisfy the needs of people. You standout when you are needed. I am inspiring you with this piece, filling your need to be inspired. Just like me, you want to stand out, but how can you if you don’t improve on yourself. You have to create a need for yourself and your services. If you are hungry for success, hungry to standout then you have to draw a roadmap to self and career improvement. If you don’t, you will feel empty and unfulfilled like I did. So you owe yourself constant improvement. So because yoU’re hungry to stand out, it means there’s room for improvement. You’re not at your best yet.

You’re an achiever

Being where you are today is an achievement no matter how small. You are reading this post right now, it is an achievement when you think of the 774 million people who couldn’t read as at 2013. Even being able to put the last meal you ate on the table is an achievement. Just take a look at your life, you will agree with me that you have achieved. Even if your achievements are below your expectations, that doesn’t make them anything less than achievements.
I want you to believe you have made achievements. Truthfully you have. No matter how you did it, I do have strong faith in the fact that you are an achiever. You are just an achiever who haven’t achieved as much as you’ve would liked to. If you have successfully convinced yourself that you are an achiever, what is stopping you from achieving more? Start working towards achieving as much and more than you think you can. If you have achieved this little, you can achieve that much.
I will stop here for today to allow you digest the discussion so far. We will continue with the concluding part of the topic on friday. I will be telling you why i think you have to keep improving. Thanks for reading and if you did like the post please like and share and subscribe.

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