you are not at your best yet!!! pt2

This post is a continuation of my first post about you not being at your best yet. incase you missed it, you can read about it here. Trying to get to your best will for sure keep you on a path of constant improvement and will keep you evolving into a better person. Here are the reasons I think you should keep working;

Challenges spices your life

When you realise there’s more to come from you, and decide to actually do more, you set yourself on a journey of exciting challenges. When you challenge yourself, you grow and better your mental capacity.  You wake up every morning with a purpose and a goal to achieve, you are challenged to achieve new best achievements every time, and you add value which makes you a wanted commodity, you feel valued, now, that is the exciting life, the spiced life.
But a life without challenges is a retrogressing life, it’s just the plain truth. When you don’t challenge yourself, you shrink mentally and might set yourself on a whole negative journey because you have no set goal, nothing to achieve, and no value to add. When you don’t add any value what so ever to peoples life, you are hardly sort after and isolated, what else do you think makes jobless people frustrated and depressed.

Improvement keeps you mentally and physical fit

When you keep working on improvement, you feel mentally and physically fit, it’s psychological. I came across an article that answers the question, is work good for your health and wellbeing? This article explains the health benefits of working. According to the article, the following are benefits of working
  • is therapeutic;
  • helps to promote recovery and rehabilitation;
  • leads to better health outcomes;
  • minimises the harmful physical, mental and social effects of long-term sickness absence;
  • reduces the risk of long-term incapacity;
  • promotes full participation in society, independence and human rights;
  • reduces poverty;
  • improves quality of life and well-being

It’s core to self-fulfilment

There is this feeling of self-fulfilment that comes with constant improvement and achieving. When you keep improving and keep achieving, you have more worth for yourself, this in turn transmit into other people placing a high worth on you. We should work towards self-fulfilment because the feeling that comes with it is great, you feel so light and happy within you. And achievement of that feeling should inspire you to keep working.


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