Success comes with letting go of these five things

The fact that a whole lot of people still can’t distinguish between being busy and being productive is the reason why they keep working, but don’t see the fruits of their hard work. The question is not how hard you work, but how productive your work is.

Hard work isn’t productivity. Doing everything and trying to tackle everything at once doesn’t make you achieve more, it slows you down. It is important to focus on priorities and discard overload. In this article I’ll outline five things you have to discard if you really want to be successful in life.

Give up on the short time mind-set

Let’s imagine two men Peter and David, who just arrived a foreign land that is to be their new state of residence. They both have a means of livelihood, but no roof over their head. They both lodged in a hotel for a while. Mr Peter is a man who is short term minded. So just rented a very expensive apartment in the best part of town. Mr. David on the other hand decided to look at the long term and then decided to rent a cheaper apartment somewhere in the outskirt of town, then got a land to build on. It took David five years to build this amazing home, far better than what Peter rents in town. Now Mr. Peter continues to pay his expensive rent yearly, and it’s always a tough time anytime he pays his rent. But David is done with the troubles of rents.
Short term plans according to the above story only gives you comfort for a short time, and when the plan expires, you go through the stress of making another plan. This will be the circle of your life as long as you continue living on short plans.

Give up on playing small

Most people just keep playing small. They don’t reach for the impossible. Yes, reach for the impossible. Steve Job’s once said, “those who are crazy enough to think can change world are those who actually do”. You don’t have to dream small, you don’t pay to dream, it’s free so dream as big as possible and pursue your dreams. You can’t achieve anything big with a small mind-set.
Truthfully chasing big dreams and playing big can weigh you down sometimes, but your ability to get up and keep going is what brings sweet victory.

Give up excuses


The reason some people will remain on the low is because they keep making excuses for themselves. In fact some people wallow in self-pity. Those who keep losing just can’t stop telling you why they can’t, but winners will give you a thousand and one reasons they can. You just have to be convinced that you can achieve big, else you’ll keep living in your limited version.
My friend let me tell you the truth, you never lack resources to achieve any target, and it’s resourcefulness you lack. Get resourceful, the resources will surprisingly appear. It’s a natural law, why else do you think you’ll begin to see a lot of a particular car when you decide to work towards getting it.

Give up being liked

While I was typing my first point, a program was running on radio. A young lady sent a text asking advice on how she can help her friend. Her friend keeps sleeping with different guys, she just can’t say no to boys. She feels her friend has a self-esteem problem, she just wants to be liked. Now she is constantly sick and can’t even tell her parents. If you are driven by the need to be liked, you just keep doing things for people and hurting yourself in the process. You can’t chase success while looking to be in everybody’s good books. Not everybody relates with your chase for success, be ready to offend those who don’t relate.


Give up toxic people

There are people who are toxic to success. They’re comfortable with being average. If you want true success, you have to do away with them. You’re an average of the people you relate with. So relate with people who add value to your life, those who push you to be better.

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