Steve Jobs life mentors me to push on

Good day Champ!! I know you had a lovely weekend and ready to king through this week. It promises to be a good week so stay positive. You remember my earlier post about how your mentor can ruin you if you idolise him/her, if you don’t know what part of your life he/she is mentoring, and if you don’t take time out to understudy your mentor. Of course you do because it is a great and inspiring write up. If you haven’t read it, then you should do that here. I promised to do a follow up post about a man whose stories, movies and books have affected me so much. Well, here it is, enjoy!!

What was great about him

That man is Steve Jobs. He is the founder and former CEO of Apple Inc. He was a great negotiator, a skilled motivator, a decisive judge, a farsighted tastemaker, an excellent showman and a gifted strategist. Steve jobs during his lifetime revolutionised and transformed industries like personal computers, phones, animation, music, publishing and video games. His “Apple computers” are arguably the best computers in the market. His iPhones are arguably the best phones in the market. He is Disney’s largest shareholder and we all know the wonders they do in the animation film industry. He wasn’t just a shareholder, he was actively involved. One of his companies ‘Pixar’ Produced ‘Luxo Jr.’ and ‘Toy story’ in conjunction with Disney. Do you know how important iTunes is to the music industry? Well, iTunes changed the music industry for good, thanks to Steve Jobs. If I was to give you a list of Steve Jobs achievements, it will take me about 3 long articles. His achievements were properly summarised in this article. He knew how to bring out the best in people. He will make you do things you never thought you could do. Lets take a look at his bad sides

what was wrong with his life style

Apart from his achievements, Steve lived a reckless life in his youth days. He was hardly sober at some point. In his biography, Steve said “I got stoned for the first time that summer. I was fifteen, and then began using pot regularly”. My mentor was a regular Marijuana smoker. Did this part of his life affect me in any way? Read on…
Steve Job’s high school love, Chrisann Brennan gave birth to his first Child, Nicole Brennan. He wasn’t around for her birth but came visiting same days later. Not so bad after all right? You should know that he publicly denied being Lisa’s dad even after his visit. DNA paternity showed that he 94.1% likely to be the father, yet he stood his ground on his denial of Lisa. The smart man said because it was the likelihood of his being Lisa’s dad was 94.1%, 28% of the male population could also be Lisa’s dad. Really cruel thing to say even when he knew Lisa was his daughter. He later apologised though, even named one of his computer project “Lisa” after his daughter. He was brutally honest, didn’t care about people’s feelings. Some articles call him a jerk. I won’t disagree totally with them.

How Steve Influenced and is still influencing me

Steve died in 2011, even before I started understudying him. But the life this man lived has been a blessing to me. I look at his achievements and want to achieve more. He transformed the way a lot of people think, made them better thinkers. That’s exactly one of the things I want to achieve with this blog, so journey with me, subscribe to get email update on any step of the journey. I will outline how Steve have affected me both negatively and positively.
steve jobsAt some point in my life I used to get stoned too. Not so much though, my main thing was alcohol and a little cigarettes (hopefully mum doesn’t stumble on this post). I will always ask myself if this life pattern will aid the achievements of my many big dreams. And my answers will always be “Steve jobs and most great inventors, including Albert Einstein and Shakespeare did it, so I too can”. The truth is, I knew this things were destroying me mentally but I was only deceiving myself. It was this year I gradually stopped everything “highness” and I feel mentally better and fit. I feel like I’m better without them.
Steve was a jerk to some extent, I’m a really cool and nice guy. Nice guys can be taken for granted sometimes, so I figured, why not try being a jerk. Being a jerk worked really well, especially with the ladies, I still can’t explain it. But I was losing myself, I began to hate who I was becoming. That wasn’t me, I just had to let go. Now I have a free and relaxed mind. And now I know how to use my “nice guy” personality better. I don’t let people take me for granted, I straighten you up ASAP, but nicely LOL.
Finally understudying Steve Jobs, I now have the mentality of a super human. I can and I will achieve so much in the next 28 to 32 years of my life. He thought me not to do anything ordinarily, I have to make a mark in anything I do. Steve thought me that you have to give employees the opportunity to dream wild. Give them the opportunity to have their say and make them feel like stakeholders, you will get the best out of them. He thought me that making life easier for customers should be the goal of any entrepreneur. Your product and services should be tailored in such a way that your customers feel they can’t exist without them. His every product is like an extension of its users. Finally he thought me never to be contented, no matter his achievements, Steve never relented. The iPhone 4s was launched a day before his death. Even a day before his death, he achieved a great feat. In fact the next 2 iPhones after 4s had been designed before his death.
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