Positive mind-set, one important key to success

positive mind-set


Hey champ!! Trust you are having a great day. As for me I am, it’s my birthday so I’m having this serious birthday vibe. Just thought I share something with you today on a positive mind-set. I’m really hopeful and looking forward to the next 365 days of my life because things can only get better.
Right now things are great, things are progressing. I set really high standards for myself, frankly, this goals humanly speaking are not achievable. But my strength comes from God. I hardly hit my August targets, but like I said, I don’t set humanly achievable targets. On a second look at the progress I made with respect to my August targets, they were really massive. If I had tried to set humanly achievable goals, I don’t think I would have achieved as much as I did because I wouldn’t have set targets as high as I achieved.
I’m one very positive human. I believe nothing can weigh me down, I believe I’m super human, I believe I can get whatever I want, I believe I’m one of the most gifted beings on earth, it’s just a matter of time, my true being and personality will be made known to the world.
I get hit and fall, but with the kind of possibilities the future holds, I can’t help but dust myself and keep running. I’ll just point out a few things;

The universe is a receiver, you are the transmitter

Whatever lies within your mind transmits a vibration that the universe receives. Everything on earth sends a vibration. The less visible the thing is, the more vibration it generates. So your thoughts and language actually generates more vibrations than your actions. You can read more on vibrations on over fifty and fit.
If your thoughts and words cause a high vibration that the universe receives, why not speak and think positively, let the universe receive positive vibrations from you, because the universe brings things our way based on the vibrations we generate. Of course you must have noticed that when you think a lot about something, you tend to see a lot of that thing. If you think so much about someone, sometimes a lot of people you see just turn out to be a look of the person you’re thinking about.

Other people pick up your vibration too

Not just the universe, humans also pick up your vibration. When your thoughts are negative, the people around you just get that negative aura when they are around you. Everybody loves to associate with positivity, why not send positive vibrations with you positive mind-set. It’s my birthday so permit me again to talk about myself, lol. When I enter a room where there is an argument or a problem, people just turn around with a bit of relieve on their faces, it’s like aha, he’s here now. Even if I don’t carry the solution, I just bring this air of “it can be done”.
With a positive mind, you and your team can achieve far more than you think is positive.

A positive mind-set builds your confidence

Confidence is key to success. With confidence you can almost do the impossible. It just has a way of disbelieve in impossibility. When you build a positive mind-set over time, you become very confident. But be careful so your confidence don’t put your reputation in the mud. Some people see confident people as being too cocky and it’s somehow true. But you have to agree that these cocky people have their way of getting whatever they want. That’s what confidence does for you. I’m not advising you to be too cocky, I’m saying that you should be confident to the point that you achieve whatever you set to achieve. A positive mind-set will give you that kind of confidence.

A positive mind-set push harder

When you are positive about achieving anything, you find yourself pushing hard than you would have you’re just indifferent about achieving it. So be positive about life, and you’ll see yourself pushing until you achieve that goal.

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It’s up to you to;
See positivity in everything in life. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
Grow your confidence till you believe you can achieve anything
Thanks for reading, my birthday gift from you to me should be you subscribing, commenting and sharing this post if you got inspired. Thanks.


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