Lesson from a Japanese tradition, kintsugi



The Japanese have a rear tradition of not throwing broken piece and artefacts away. Great lesson to learn here. Instead they pick up this broken piece, put the piece together with a very beautiful mixture of lacquer, gold and silver, or platinum. They carefully line the broken parts with this beautiful mixture and the parts stick together once again. After this exercise, the piece looks better and more beautiful than it looked before it was broken. This beautiful tradition is called kintsugi. When I learnt about this tradition on makezine, I was astonished, truly there is beauty even in broken things, we just have to see beyond the broken piece, and believe that the once broken piece can be a beauty to behold again. Here are some lesson from this tradition

In every dilemma, there is an opportunity

A broken piece is as good as trash to an ordinary eye, but not the Japs. They see an opportunity even in a broken piece, an opportunity to rebuild this piece into a better and a more beautiful one. A vital lesson.
Even in your lowest of times, there is an opportunity starring you in the face. You are at a bad point right now doesn’t mean you’re done. Take a deep breath, relax and find the opportunity that comes with your dilemma. A lot of the solutions, tools, gadgets and innovations were born out of the frustration of their inventors. They felt frustrated and needed a solution, boom!! They invented a solution, and we enjoy their inventions today.
I learnt of a lady who had really big breasts. She had a problem finding the right bra to accommodate her commodities. It was a dilemma, she had to travel to neighbouring towns to buy the right size of bra. Then one day, it just flashed her mind that that she might not be the only person in her town who is going through this same dilemma, there should be other ladies too. It was at this point her eyes opened to a lot of extra-large breasts in town. In fact it looked like everywhere she turned, there were this kind of ladies. One day she made a stop at a bra factory, asked them to produce extra-large sizes of bra in large quantity for her. The factory was sceptical about her proposal but she offered to market the products herself so they obliged. Long story short, today she is a millionaire selling extra-large bras.

The broken “you” can birth a better “you”



You noticed the broken piece, how it looks more beautiful with the golden linen around its broken parts. That’s life for you. Sometimes to build you have to first destroy. You are never broken, just in a process of re-construction. You can come out of that dilemma better than you were, you just have to hold on tight.
Remember Job in the bible? All was lost, but his end was better than his beginning. So my friend, you’re not done yet, you are just beginning.

Stop living life on the surface

If the Japanese are people who live life on the surface, they’ll be throwing every broken piece. But they see deeper meaning to life and happenings around them.
We keep living everything to chance and waiting for things to change. We forget that it is you who can make your bed the way you want it, if you leave it to chance, then you should be ready to lie on it the way chance makes it. You should learn to always look at the bigger picture. Learn to thinks about happenings around us and try to figure out how we can improve things. Look for the opportunities in even the worse of situations, there are lilies among thorns.

It’s up to you to
  • Figure out the opportunity in your dilemma
  • Realise that you are stronger  than you credit yourself
  • Pick yourself from your frustration and build a better you
  • Know that you’re a King/Queen, the world is yours for the taking
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