INHUMANE (Why people are used, things are loved)

The world truly is twisted. Things just occur the way they are not supposed to. Connection instead of expertise is the new requirement for employment. The type of car you drive instead of your personality determines the level of respect you get. People have grown so cold towards their fellow humans and have turned their attention towards materials, things and money. People are now being used and things are being loved.


I read a book titled “Inhumane” authored by a man I respect so much, Akinwumi Akinola. In this book he talks about the reasons people use people and love things. A very insightful, eye opening and inspiring a book that inspires you to overcome the littleness that comes from selfishness. After reading all I wanted to do was share the information and lessons contained in this book, I reached out to the author and he agreed the world needed these lessons and gave me the rights to share this book with you. I will outline lessons from this book.

No sacrifice is ever lost

Akinwumi Akinola shared a story from his school days. He heard about a scholarship and chose to share with his friends. They but one of his friends bought the form. This friend who didn’t was broke and couldn’t afford the form. Akin who only had less than the money he needed to survive till the month end decided to buy the form for his friend and let fate take charge. After the exams, those who got the scholarship began to receive congratulatory calls. Guess what, only the friend who couldn’t afford the form got the call. When he got to the office of the scholarship body, he saw Akins name on the board as one of the successful candidates. Akin had missed the call from the scholarship body.
What would have been of Akin if he didn’t make the sacrifice of paying for his friend’s form? Every sacrifice is an investment, learn to sow a seed in people’s life not just that of your already well fed pastor.

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Don’t try to be everybody’s messiah

People like me will always jump at any opportunity to help anybody without looking at the cost of the help I’m about rendering. At the end I find out I’m choking trying to render this help. I get heart broken when at the end I can’t do anything about the situation. But at the end everybody has a level of assistance they can render because we also have our own problem to cater for.
Sometimes you see people focused on solving other people’s problem not realising that they are neglecting those who are their primary responsibilities. You should focus on your primary responsibilities, then try your best with all honesty to help others.

Self-interest doesn’t mean selfishness

We all have self-interest, and trying to look out for our self-interest doesn’t mean you are selfish. Akin in his book gave an illustration. If you are sent a group picture, who do you look out for first? Yourself of course. That doesn’t mean you are selfish. You become selfish when all you look out for is yourself. If you don’t care about any other person but yourself, then you are selfish.
In summary, “INHUMANE” talks about how humans have downgraded themselves to using their fellow humans. You can download “INHUMANE” here for free.

Click to download ebook for free

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