Fighting the monster, depression

Have you really sat down to look at the happenings in our world today? How did it make you feel? Sad I guess. A whole lot of things are just messed up my friend, “unexplainable” is the word. In fact the things we hear, watch and read in the news today can throw you into depression. And I’m not even talking about happenings in your personal life, then when you begin to examine your own life if things aren’t going great, you just see yourself in a constant sad mood.
Depression is a destiny killer. How? You may ask. In a depressed state, you just can hardly think straight, you can hardly do anything or take decisions correctly. It’s like you have a thick cloud blocking the way you think, so depression is a bad place to be. In this post I will talk more on how to avoid and get out of depression. Follow me as I go through 2 points that will help avoid and get anybody out of this dilemma.

Monitor whom and what you associate with

I remember sometime in 2014, I was a big fan of channel 171 on DSTV. The channel mostly shows investigation on murders and crimes in general. Every evening I’ll glue myself to this channel. Unknowingly the programs on this channel began to influence my state of mind. The programs were just so full of sad event, so watching those programs began to put me in a constant sad mode. It was like I lost my joy. Depression began to set in. I was constantly death conscious. One day on my way back from work as an Intern, I and the cab driver began to discuss and it turned out he watched the same channel. Guess what we had in common. His girlfriend just broke up with him because she said he was too controlling, I was having relationship issues, she said I was too controlling. I figured the problem I and this cab guy had was lack of trust. When you constantly watch programs of betrayals and how people hurt their family, of course you’ll begin to develop trust issues, hence you’ll want to know too much and control their lives.
When you constantly engage with sad people and events, they have a toll on your mind-set. You begin to fill your mind with sadness overtime. And that’s how you fall into depression.
Also there is this thing about your mind-set and what you think about most of the time, they send a signal to the universe and other people. You can go through a post I did on how your mind-set affects you here. No matter how hard you try to hide your sadness, people perceive it. Nobody wants to deal with a sad person. I recommend you watch the people you associate with, the things you watch and listen to.

Control your thoughts


Research says about 70,000 thoughts cross our minds per day, but you don’t actually connect with all 70,000 of them. These thoughts are like waves, travelling through our minds. We subconsciously choose which of these thoughts we want to expand on.
It is important that we train our subconscious to focus on positive thoughts. Learn not to focus much on negative things. You’re a logo of the things you think about mostly. If you continuously concentrate your thoughts on the hurts you’ve been through, the negativity going on in the world and around you, you’re most likely to fall into depression.
Try to see good in things around you, learn to interpret good where people can only see bad, learn to understand that Gold comes from the dirt. Learn to be hopeful, that’s how you remain sane in this insane world that we live in.
Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the post and it was helpful.

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