Your fear should make you stronger

 Have you ever had a fear that made you so sick?? Of course you have. This kind of fear can be paralysing. Fear leads to some chronic sicknesses, even shock that leads to death. Fear is just an emotion or sensation triggered by a perceived danger. The danger is perceived, meaning it hasn’t happened and might not even happen. Yet people have hurt themselves because of fear.
 Prior to launching this blog, I had that feeling. I went to cut my hair, while my barber was doing what he knows how to do best, I felt so sick and almost stood up to leave. Looking good is good business so I had to stay put. I was thinking on how best to inspire you? If I could even do this? What format should I use? What if at some point I don’t feel inspired to write? Will I get the amount of traffic I hope to get? All this were fears.

defeat your fear

How did I overcome this fears you might ask? This post answers that question so enjoy. I will be looking at some body sensations that function’s just like fear.

How “pain” works

Pain is a sensation that draws your attention to a part of your body that needs attention. Therefore Pain in a part of the body doesn’t mean you are doomed, the pain is just saying, “should pay attention to this part of your body”. If you pay attention to the pain, you’ll be fine. You see, pain is good. But if you don’t, then you are looking for trouble. The problem with that part of the body kills, not the pain. I hope you now understand why you need to attend to any pain you feel. Well, you’re welcome, lol.

How thirst and “hunger” works

When you feel thirsty, that doesn’t mean you are dying, you need a drink. That sensation is just saying you glass of water. If you do take a glass of water, you’ll be fine. If the thirst persist, then you need more. Even when you ignore your thirst, you can still survive between 3days-1 week. But if you ignore that feeling, you will become dehydrated. Now dehydration is what kills, not thirst. Thirst is just a messenger saying you are getting “dehydrated”. Hunger works the same way.
Note: Research have shown that when you are dehydrated and don’t get a drink, you end up with an electrolyte imbalance in your blood, which leads to seizures and heart failure. As for food, you can last 3 weeks. Don’t say I didn’t teach you something, lol.

How “fear” works

Fear is a sensation that draws your attention to something that might go wrong. It is a warning signal. You fear for your relationship because there might be something might go wrong, and you need to pay attention to that relationship. You have career fears because you need to work on that career right now. Fear just draws your attention to the fact you need improvement in a section of your life.
Fear paralyses so many of us. Some of us just keep running about, confused when we are scared. We just can’t think straight. It makes us too weak to yield to the warning we are receiving, which is a negative reaction to fear. When you don’t react positively to fear, then your fear becomes a reality, consuming you.

3 steps to overcome fear

You remember the story of my fear about starting this blog? I will outline how I overcame my fears, I believe you can learn from them.
  1. Relax: naturally fear makes us unrelaxed. After cutting my hair, I had to take some time to relax. I realised everything I was scared of were thoughts of what might go wrong. Not that my fears were actually the realities. Although they could be if I don’t react positively. So take a moment to relax when you fear. It’s not yet a problem, just relax. Whatever helps you relax, just do it.
  2. Think: fear impedes your thinking process, that’s why you have to relax first. When I was relaxed, I had to think about my fears. You saw my fears at the beginning of this posts, they were all questions. Yes!! Mr Fear is asking you some questions. I had to answer these questions.
  • Think about your fears, list them down. Look critically, they are questions being asked. A lot of “what if’s”, “who will’s”, “how come’s” etc.
  • Ask yourself what could go wrong if you don’t tackle these fears.
  • It’s time to provide sincere answers to your very own questions
  • Finally, what solutions should tackle this fears?
  1. Take actions: now it’s time to take actions based on you solutions.

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