Food for thought: Power of infinitesimal

A little food for thought. Tiny molecules make up the very important air we breathe. Tiny molecules of H2O makes up the very important cold glass of water that refreshes us. Drops of water makes up the Atlantic ocean. The great china wall is an embodiment of a brick at a time.
Even the journey of a thousand miles they say starts with just a step. Without tiny molecules, nothing will be in existence today. Greatness starts from the smallest of pushes.

tiny molecules

There is greatness within every small molecule, inside the smallest of pushes lies the power to generate the greatest of forces. The smallest piece of block you see today can with the joint effort of other blocks become a mighty building. Drops of water poured into an ocean might seem lost to the eyes but the ocean feels the impact of that drop of water.

Nothing is not important

Nothing is unimportant, one hand shake can make the difference. One phone call at a time was what got Steve Jobs the contact he leveraged on to build APPLE computers. One smile at a time can win the heart of whoever. And one number at a time can build you the network that takes you to great height in business. Just a step at a time will take you the distance. One ‘’I LOVE YOU “at a time will repair your relationship.
The world’s population is a result of the relationship between 2 people (Adam and Eve). Just know the right thing to do and start doing it one step at a time, taking one decision at a time. I tell you no step is ever lost in a journey, a step either takes you forward or back ward, left or right, it might not be noticed by you but definitely there is an impact. No decision is ever lost I tell you. Every decision has an impact in your life journey, either negatively or positively. Even the smallest decision or step might seem infinitesimal but believe me, it does have a very great impact. Every conversation, every hand shake, every eye contact, every phone call, just about everything has an impact, so think wisely before you talk, always think it through.
That little action you feel has no consequence can lead to your destruction. Even the little feeling you ignore can bring you into depression. That little habit you feel has no effect can lead you to far more trouble than can you imagine. The little thing you chose to ignore can be the most important tool to achieving a great thing tomorrow. That little banana peel you ignored can trip you the next minute. The little negative word can start you on a journey. That little negative attitude toward someone can paint a whole negative picture of you, that text or call you chose to ignore can be the beginning of a great misunderstanding. So why not do it today. Why not do it now, infinitesimal has much more power than we imagine, infinitesimal can make or mare you. Pay attention, be detailed.
No huge step was made without little steps. Without 0.001% there will never be 100%, we will be stuck with 99.999%, never underestimate 0.001. progress is additive, nobody wakes up one day and have turned successful overnight, you add up little steps at a time to become successful.
I believe that the smallest of molecules can with the right force bring down the great china wall. I believe that without a step no journey can be made, I believe that the birth of the ABACUS machine gave rise the great mobile tech revolution all around us today, I believe that the cloth of leaves worn by Adam and Eve gave rise to the todays fashion and I believe all this because I BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF INFINITESIMAL.

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