Discover your purpose, Live a purposeful life

Have you ever pondered on what your purpose on earth is? Have you ever wondered if you are chasing the right career, the right partner in marriage and the right dreams? If you have then you are not alone, I was there. I’m still there because every day I push for new and greater height, what if I’m pushing for the wrong thing?


The grave yard they say is the richest place in the world because a lot of people there never found the answer to the question. “what is my purpose on earth?” You too might be working towards enriching the graveyard if you don’t find this answer. I’m not saying I’m going to answer this question for you, I’m saying that I want to awaken your consciousness to the fact that you have a purpose. One thing I fear so much is journeying through life and discovering that I didn’t do the things I was supposed to, talk about wasted years. At old age you will be hunted by the life you live today, discover your purpose and live a purposeful life.
What’s my purpose you may ask? My purpose is to inspire and bring out the best out of people. It’s something I do so easily and naturally. When you bring out the best in people, you get the best out of them.
I will touch some things that helped me and will help you too discover your purpose.

Share and listen to people

Have you ever heard people say, “you have the gift to…………”? People watch you, they listen to you and they know you. Someone might tell you something about what he/she thinks you do so well. You should pay attention to them. Sometimes you are blinded to your gifts and talents, but people are not, listen to them, ponder on their thoughts about your gifts. Your purpose can never be far from your gifts and talents.

What is your passion?

Who is your favourite actor, artiste or sports personality? These people make a fortune through their passion. Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are the best footballers in the world today and they have been for the past decade because their passion is their career.  They love what they do. Even if Cristiano Ronaldo wasn’t making money out of football, I think even till his 20’s, he would have still been active in football in his community because I feel he is that passionate about the game. This man worked so hard to be what he is today, and hard work that comes through passion is like having fun. Find your passion, find your easy path through life.

Find your gifts and talents

Some adults don’t even know their gifts and talented. How did you choose your career path when you don’t know what you are talented in. your purpose in life lies within gifts and passion. You were created, built and designed to fulfil a purpose on earth, and your gifts and talents are the tools with which you can fulfil this purpose.

Listen to your dissatisfaction

Do you have dissatisfactions? What are they? What are your dissatisfactions telling you? If you feel dissatisfied with what you are doing, maybe you are in a wrong place. Sometimes you just feel dissatisfied with where you are and what you do and feel you should be doing something else. Maybe your dissatisfaction is pointing you to your purpose, listen to it.

Package your gifts, passion and talents

When you finally discover what your gifts, talents and passions are, you should package them and market them to the world. Some people spend years on different training, but later on they discovered a gift, talent or passion. They packaged and are marketing their giftings professionally. Once again, Your favourite musician, actor/actress, football star are all marketing their gifts, talents and passion and are all swimming in wealth living the good life. Be like them, discover your purpose.
It’s up to you to;
  • Discover your gifts
  • Discover your talents
  • Discover your passion
  • Discover your purpose and live a purposeful life.
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