Crossroads of life (uncertainties)

Life’s journey comes with so many branches and turns. The end of every road most times leads to crossroads. At this junction, it’s not about which turn to take, it’s more about which turn is the right turn. Sometimes it seems like an easy decision to make yet the uncertainties of what each turns in life’s crossroads holds rear up unhealthy emotions inside us, these emotions most times are the reasons we take the wrong turn. We all are journeying on new paths every day, how are we supposed to know the right steps to take?

“Life’s journey can only be understood backwards but must only be travelled forward”.
Really, I’m at a crossroad at this moment, and it’s very essential that the next turn I take is the right one, uncertainties might just push me into the wrong turn. And I know for sure that I’ll take the right turn, my faith in Christ gives me that assurance. Here are things I focus on when dealing with uncertainties

I focus on my blueprint

The funny thing about crossroads is the fact that we already have a working plan, one we believe in. Most times we already know which turn to take, but uncertainties cloud our judgments. We begin to doubt our once upon a time good plans, “what if it doesn’t work”?
I just figured that most of the things that casts doubt on our initial plans are new and most times easier plans. I have a blueprint by God’s grace, I know things will work out, but of late I have new ideas coming into my head. Now these new ideas are the things bringing the uncertainties and fear. I decided to focus on my initial blueprint, and that brings me peace of mind. I will try the new ideas, but on experimental basis.

The best turn or the easy turn


Sometimes we face a dilemma when we’re at a crossroad because our bodies are built naturally to avoid stress. Nobody wants to go through stress of any kind. At a crossroad, the best turn might be the tough turn, and I bet you your emotions will react when you choose the tough turn. That’s why it’s advised not to take decisions based on emotions.
For me, the best route is the tough on, the gains of taking the tough route outshines the rest. So tough turn, here we go!!

All options are full of uncertainties

Whichever option you take, there are still uncertainties. Whether you take the easy turn or the best turn, all turns still have uncertainties. With this knowledge, I decided to take the best turn.
I was at a seminar early this month, we had lecture by a big time Entrepreneur. At the end of the lecture, a big time government worker, already at the one of the top levels at his job said, “I wish I had an opportunity to hear the things I’ve heard here today, I won’t be the poor dad that I am today”.  This government worker and the Entrepreneur don’t have much apart age wise. But I guess the government man took the easy turn, got a good job, and worked his way to the top of his career, yet he’s unsatisfied. I reached out to the Entrepreneur, had a private chat with him on 18th of August, just last week. According to his story, he left a high paying job to start up his company. It was a tough decision that attracted tough times. But today he’s Company is a big when it comes to energy and electricity in Nigeria,

Be comfortable with making mistakes and learning from them

I wish we could see the future, then we’ll know the best turn to take on a crossroad. But we’re not, so be comfortable with making mistakes. Every journey comes with lessons. The lesson you learn from a mistake might be what makes your next turn a success.

I focus on God

I’m a child of God. As a child I’m learning to walk, but I have God holding me and guiding me. So I don’t worry myself much because I know God has my back. I trust him to lead me.
Now it’s up to you to
  • Learn to have a blueprint for your life to avoid the dilemma of crossroads
  • To trust the best turn, not the easy one
  • Learn to be comfortable with making mistakes
  • Learn on God in times like this
Thanks for reading.

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