Crazy theory about creation, value and our existence

There are many theories about creation and the origin of man. As a Christian I believe the version from the Holy bible. I will be basing my analysis on the biblical theory of creation.


After God’s creation of the world, animals and plants, the world was really a beautiful place. Everything was almost perfect. But something was missing, coordination and leadership. God needed an authority higher than every other creation to be a leader and coordinate the earth, and give him report. So there was a need in God’s mind, there was a VALUE that needed to be added on earth, so he created Adam to satisfy that need and give earth the VALUE of coordination and leadership.
But God realised Adam couldn’t handle this thing alone. He needed help and someone to tend to him. Once again, there was a need in God’s mind, he needed another VALUE to be added on earth. That’s how Eve came about. Things were going on so well, the world was a perfect place until Adam and Eve fell and were driven out of the Garden of Eden.
God once again had a need and wanted another VALUE added, that value was a way for sins to be atoned for. He initially introduced the blood of animals to give man the VALUE for atonement for sin. But that wasn’t enough, so he had to send his son.
Enough of the stories, now let’s get right down to it. This articles is about values. I did an article about VALUES a while ago, in case you missed that, you can go through it here. Here are my picks from the story I just told:

The world isn’t perfect as it is, it’s a work in progress

God is a master creator but he didn’t create a perfect world all at once. He takes his time to perfect his creation. The world wasn’t this developed a decade ago and won’t be this way a decade from now, lots of development will occur.
Your life, your career and everything about you are not finished products. You should always work towards improvements and making your life better because no building is erected in one day. Life, business, marriage are all processes, just take it one achievement at a time, you’ll get there. It’s a work in progress.

You were born to fill a need, give a value and fulfil a purpose

The world needed a VALUE to be added to it, it needed a little bit of perfection, and hence you were created to give that particular value. Just like Adam and Eve had their various purposes on earth, you do too. God had a need, needed a VALUE to be added on earth, then he specifically designed you to add that value and close the void created by that need. Your birth was a master plan to create more innovation and perfection to the world. Yeah, you are that important to this world, you should be proud of yourself, clap for yourself, LOL.
The summary of our purpose on earth is creating value. You get paid for creating value, you pay people who create value. What value are you supposed to create on earth? How do you discover your purpose? I did a post on that, read it here.

My crazy theory

“The world is in a state of ciaos because millions have walked and are walking through the world without dropping the values, innovations and the bit of perfection they were meant to drop”.
A lot of gifts, talents and values that were supposed to better the world have been buried six feet under the ground. Those that are still on earth don’t even realise they have something to offer the world, they just live life on the surface. Do you plan to leave this world with your VALUES instead of dropping them even after reading this?

It’s up to you to

  • Find your value
  • Learn how to make the world a better place
  • Stop living life on the surface
  • Don’t let anybody make you feel less important, he/she has a value, so do you, no value is more than the other
  • Stop wasting and tying yourself down, get up and live.
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