How to best achieve success with mental work, pt1

I hope that after this post, you will understand the importance of mental work.
Their were two civil engineers, Mr Ray and Mr Toby. The both work for the same civil engineering firms and were employed the same day. Sometime in December 2015, Jay and Toby had an opportunity to prove themselves. The two senior engineers at the firm went on leave, leaving both Jay and Toby as the only engineers on ground. Jay and Toby were saddled with the responsibility to each take over the massive sites of the senior engineers who were no longer on ground.

mental work


It was a big trial and test on the careers of both Jay and Toby. Both men met the respective engineers they were supposed to take over their sites for briefing and advice. Jay was taking over Engr. Steve’s site, while Toby was taking over Engr. Peter’s site.
Both Jay and Toby were excited about taking on this challenge, they both went for briefing and got tips on how to handle their sites.

How jay handled his site

When Jay arrived his site for the first time, he had a team meeting. It was a 30 minutes meeting, Jay tried to know his team and introduced himself. He decided the team was going to be having a 15 munities meetings every Monday and Friday. On Friday the team will brainstorm on the challenges of the week, what should have been done and areas to be improved on. Most importantly they discoursed the parts of their jobs that should be revisited and everybody had a say even on parts of the project he wasn’t involved in but had concerns on. At the end of the Friday meetings, Jay will task every member to think about the week’s activity over the weekend and come with a brief report on how he plans to make the week better. But the last Friday meetings of the month were held off site and were for bonding.

mental work

Jay’s Monday team meetings were about discussing what each team member was going to do for the week and his thought on the project over the weekend. Jay tried to make each team work with respect to his work plan for the week.
Jay’s team was really united and motivated, this team actually spent time after the day’s job constructively criticising each other’s job and brainstorming on correcting defects the next day. Jay infused this mental work and planning ahead believe in this team and each member spent time looking at each phase of his job and mind mapping the next phase before physically involving himself in it. Jay spent a lot of time on research about his project and shared his findings with his team during meetings.

How Toby handled his team

Toby arrived his site on a Monday, met with his team, introduced himself and tried to know about his team too. Toby was a hard worker, sometimes when his team was under staffed, he had to join in the work. Toby’s team were motivated by his hard work and were ready to work over time to achieve targets. The team got in early and sometimes left the site late, they were having fun working for Toby. They had meetings every second and last Friday of every month. Their meetings were meetings for bonding. They hardly discussed their work in these meetings. Toby always worked around to draw each team member to anything he felt wasn’t done properly.
Toby infused this physical work mentality into his team. They were a hard working team. Toby wasn’t the kind of guy who works based on intuition and hardly spent time researching and pre planning.
Two months after working on this projects, it was time for inspections. Both projects looked good, they both did amazing jobs. They were both congratulated and given huge bonuses. Great days ahead for both careers.
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