How to best achieve success with mental work, pt2

This is a continuation of an earlier post i did yesterday. Incase you missed that exciting post, you can check it out here.
However, Toby’s job after one year began to wear out because their seemed to be little details he didn’t pay attention to. The drainage system in his project began to collect dirt that was blocking the flow of water. And after two years, the firm had to revisit Toby’s site for maintenance. The road was beginning to get flooded and his road worn-out. Toby and his team worked every day as the day came. They just knew they wanted a standard looking road but didn’t pay attention to little details that would have made the road project stand the test of tome. All the hard work of Toby’s team fading away gradually with time. This project is still costing the owners with respect to heavy maintenance.

mental work

Jay’s job stood the test of time and till today, the road is very much standard and pliable. He paid details to every detail, made research on modern standards regarding his project and at every point worked out a mental picture of what he wanted and worked towards achieving it.
I wish you could open up my mind right now to see the present state of both road projects, that’s where you can find them, LOL. My first story though, hope you enjoyed it. Let’s delve into the main point of this article.

Your best work is done when you are not working

Sometimes we spend so much doing the physical work and working based on what our physical eyes can see. We neglect the power of meditation and quiet moments thinking about our projects, career, life and even relationships. We fail to realise that physical work should precede mental work.
Mental work basically is about planning ahead and setting up targets and getting a mental picture of any project you are about engaging in.
When you just focus on the physical side of things, there are details and facts you are blinded to because you only see with one set of eyes, your physical eyes. But when you do the mental work first, you see and observe with the physical eyes and a more powerful set of eyes, the eyes of the mind. Below are reasons why you need mental work before putting in physical work.

Gives you time to access any potential risk

When you spend time to look mentally work pre-plan your projects and career, it becomes easier to know the risk you are likely to face when you engage in the physical part of the job. When you know the risk involved, it makes the rest of the work easy.

Makes you proactive

mental work

The reason you might pause every now and then during a project is because you want to figure somethings out before you continue. But when you do your mental work before the physical one, you find yourself getting insight on what to do when you encounter a difficulty. You might have even envisaged that difficulty before it comes. You see yourself naturally overcoming challenges without much thoughts involved. It’s like you have done the work before when you first do the mental work.

Gives you insight on every details that should be put in place during your physical work

When you use your mind’s eyes to look at things, you see a lot of details that should be put in place before you even embark on the physical work.

Opens your eyes to any mistake to your initial plan or work already done

When you spend time pondering on any job before you embark on it, you begin to see loop holes in your initial plan. This gives you the opportunity to restructure your plans. But without this mental work, you find yourself having to go back. Thus maintaining a lot of you already done jobs and previous steps.

Gives you room to work based on your own terms

When you put in the mental work first, it gives you the opportunity to create your own unique pattern and ways of achieving your set target. You personally figure out easier and faster ways of getting even better results.
Now it’s up to you to
  • Learn how to spend time to meditate on your day before going to bed
  • Spend time to plan your day before starting the day
  • Learn to draw a mental picture of whatever you want to achieve
  • Learn to draw a mental picture of how you want your life to be tomorrow, next week, next month etc.
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