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Hey!!! I am so happy you found my blog, I really look forward to bonding and inspiring you. Well, I am Nzeh Ifeanyi Edmond, a Nigerian. Dien was coined from the initials of my name. I know what you’re thinking, LOL, where did he get the “D” from? Grand ma used to call me Dike. I love to read inspirational and entrepreneurship books, sports, and I do love those long quiet moments to think and dream.

I am a graduate of Electrical & Electronic Engineering from the University of Port Harcourt in Nigeria. I’m a free spirited young man, I believe I can only live a fulfilled life by creating my own path and boundaries based on my strengths and gifts. My life can be summarized with the phrase ‘creating value’. As an entrepreneur and a motivator, I believe that when one creates value, such person creates a legacy and prosperity.

I believe that if we know the potential and possibilities embeded inside of us, we will journey through life like kings and queens because you can achieve whatever you imagine. Living an enlightend, inspired, and a positively active life are important keys to achieving succes. I plan to with this blog help you to be

  • Enlightened to your passion, gifts and great possibilities that lies within you
  • Inspired to use harvest these qualities planted inside of you to develop both yourself and the world.
  • Actively creating value to yourself and the world.

With these keys, you are sure to achieve a fufilled life. I have a gift and passion to inspire you and myself to into actions that will create value, because when you create value, you earn money, live happy, stay relevant and sort after. So this is a personal developement blog and i will discuss development in career, relationship, leadership etc.

Greatness is achievable because it is potential and is planted inside you and I, you alone can choose your season of harvest, mine is now. If you feel this is your time to achieve greatness, then journey with me!!

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