Words of encouragement from King Dien

I’ll keep today’s post really short and simple. It’s not really my normal kind of post, it’s just words of encouragement from my heart, where all my other posts come from. I hope it help at least one person feeling downcast right now.
Our inability to see beyond our present situation is a virus but “hope” is the anti-virus. Your life right now might be full of troubles, hardship and uncertainties. It might look like you’re just barely holding on, struggling and reaching out for help, but help seems far away. Maybe your wants seem so reachable, yet so far away. You just haven’t been able to succeed even though it always seems like you’re about to break through. I guess you’re about to give up because you don’t see anything good that can come out of your present predicament.


My friend, my message for you today is “faith and hope”. Would you rather give up right now than hold on to find out the outcome of your struggles? If you give up right now, the only thing that will be certain to you is how you gave up. But you’ll be unaware of the level of success that would have been achieved if you held on. You won’t know if things would have worked out. So giving up is not an option, few more strokes and you’ll be there, keep up.
Life is like a journey, there’re level grounds, hills and valleys. It’s an easy ride on a level ground. But climbing the valleys of life are very stressful. Sometimes you wish you continued on the level ground. But guess what, when you successfully climb to the top of the valley and look back down at the level ground, you’ll appreciate the tough ride to the top. It’s never easy going up. And your journey up doesn’t last for ever. You can’t know how far you’ve gone up but just be hopeful, the view up there is amazing, and the struggle will be worth it when you’re there.
Finally, life can only be lived forward, and it’s only understood backwards. You can’t understand what is happening right now, because we only have the ability to understand what has happened. But just live on my champ, you will be crowned. Someday you’ll begin to understand the struggles of today. In fact, you’ll testify that the struggles of today have made you a better person because that’s what the struggles are for, sharpening you. Stone passes through fire before it becomes gold. Metal passes through heat and hammering before can be sharpened into something useful and beautiful.
Like I said, it’s going to be really short today. Thanks for reading.

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