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Hey there! Just thought I open up your mind to something that most of us don’t really pay attention to, but it’s actually very important. I persuade you to take a moment to go through this brief article and ponder on it. What you read here is just my opinion on the subject, I’ll be glad if you drop you opinion in the comment section.
Life is just a circle of perceptions, thoughts, actions and activities. Your perception of things  form your thoughts, your thoughts inform your actions and your activities at large. Your activities also inform you perception in a way, so it’s just a circle. You can take a moment to process this information if it’s new to you. Now that we know this, how then can we use this to enhance our life and productivity at large? This article will help you increase productivity in whatever you do through your perceptions, thoughts, actions and activities. Keys to higher productivity through the above circle are

Control how you perceive things

Do you get paid the salary of a General Manager after doing the job of an office assistance? You’re smart so I’m sure you know the answer. What you get is measured by what you give. You need to consciously decide what you want, then deliberately put in a measured and controlled input required to get what you want.
You need to control your perception of things, how you think, your actions and your activities to get your desired results out of life. But it all begins with perception. How you perceive failure, success, rejection and all those other things will determine from your thoughts down to your activities.
I know we have emotions, and I know how strong they’re. But allowing emotions control you most times will only leave you floating all around. For instance, you get turned down on a job you thought strongly you’ll get. How you perceive this event affects your thoughts and activities after that. You can decide to:
 Perceive that event as failing. This makes you think of yourself as having failed, which in turn makes you to pity yourself and begin to act as a failure, hence your activities towards your next interview will be negatively affected.
But you can also perceive the event as a lesson from life, find out what should be learnt, make corrections and better yourself. This will make you prepare better for future interviews.
You could still choose to perceive the event as a loss to the company who turned you down. This will boost your confidence, and you’ll walk into your next interview full with so much confidence. Too much confidence might be bad though, it still comes down to controlling your confident self.

Monitor your thoughts

I’ve done a number of articles on thoughts and mind-set on this blog. I recommend you find time to read a couple, but I mostly recommend this one on a positive mind-set.
I’m almost sure you know the saying that “you’re what you think”. I agree with that saying. Your thoughts go a long way to shaping how you act. Your actions aren’t far from your thoughts.
When you look back at some of your past action, you just wonder how on earth you did those things. Some of them are crude and outdated compared to your present standard. You just can’t take those same actions if presented with the same conditions. What changed? Your thoughts and the way you think did. Your thought process changed.
It’s clear that the way you think affects how you act and the results you get. I won’t really delve into how your thoughts affect your productivity in this article, I did that already in this other article.

Discipline your actions

 What you are today is a result of every action you have taken in life and what you aren’t is a result of the actions you didn’t take in life.
Whatever you want, appropriate actions are what will get you that. We all have desires, wants and need, it is important to discipline your actions in a way that they match the activities that gives you your wants. It takes discipline to act in ways that gives you what you want. If you really want it, pay the price with your actions.

Ponder on your activities

How often do you ponder on your daily activities? Because your daily activities will determine if you’re walking towards your goals. Our every activity will not be right, but your conscious effort to try to make amends on tomorrows activities based on today’s mistakes is what increases productivity.
Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed reading and you’ll be back for more inspiration and motivation. Do subscribe to get email notifications whenever a new post comes up.

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