Why it’s important to start now

Have you ever heard of the saying that the biggest step to actually starting anything is starting? I relate to this saying big time. I know how many ideas have come and gone because of my inability to start. It was a big problem. I remember this day back in school, we had a test. I think it was my first semester 100L physics test. Got stuck trying to answer a question. A friend noticed and whispered, “Ifeanyi just start, write something”, and that’s how I answered that question.


Sometimes it’s not because we don’t have the potential to succeed, it’s just that we haven’t started. You might not have what it takes to succeed, but if you think you have what it takes to start, just start. You’ll be surprised at how experienced you already are and how much more experience you will get when you start. Experience on the job is the best experience. In this post I’ll outline some reasons people delay on starting projects and activities and why you should overcome them

Too scared to make mistakes

I’m yet to see that man who is alright with making mistakes. I’m all shades of not okay with making mistakes. I mean, mistakes if not handled properly can lead to a man’s down fall. Mistakes can be too costly to come back from sometimes. So it’s fine not to be okay with making mistakes. The problem is when you’re too scared to make it.
Not being scared of making mistakes is one mark of greatness. Anybody who’s tagged as “experienced” in any field has a bag of mistakes to show for his experience. Just like you need stepping stones to get to higher heights, mistakes are stepping stones to success if treated and handled properly. It’s not about making mistakes, but about the lessons you learn from your mistakes and the attitude you put up after your mistakes.
Of course you should plan properly to avoid mistakes, but since you’re still human, mistakes are bound to happen even after much planning.

Waiting to start big

We all have dreams, big dreams to do something massive. If I lay down my dreams, they’re so massive that sometimes I think I’m crazy. There’s no way I can start hitting my targets as big as I want. I don’t have the resources to start big. I just had to break down my targets to the smallest achievable parts, and step by step, those crazy targets in my crazy head will be achieved.
Besides, I feel I need to start small to be able to get a grip of things as they grows. The reason most projects crash is because people just start up big and find themselves struggling to manage the projects. Capital resources are not even the major things needed to start a project, human and knowledge resources are important.
My point is, in as much as you have massive targets, you should get comfortable with starting small, not waiting around till you can start as big as you’ll love to. Start small, think big, and grow fast.

We feel we’re inexperienced

Nobody is experienced enough, that’s why they say the day you stop learning is the day you die. What was the experience level of Mark when he started Facebook or Steve when he started Apple Inc.? Of course experience is key, but you don’t need to wait till you’re an encyclopaedia before you start. Feel free to learn on the job. There’s no better way to learn than practical’s.

Too scared of the outcome of starting

One of my biggest worry in life is what tomorrow will be like. I know you think about tomorrow too, or don’t you? Sometimes we allow this fear of outcome stop us from starting.
I have a question for you though, how will you know the outcome if you don’t actually start. Humans are flawed and one of our flaws is our inability to know for sure what tomorrow holds. As humans we’re meant to plan, act, make mistakes and make success, learn from mistakes and successes. Just start with the mind-set of the champion that you’re, that’s how you’ll know the outcome. If the outcome isn’t what you expected, go back to the drawing board and plan again. Who knows, things might just workout better than you expected.
Now it’s up to you to
  • Overcome your fear of making mistakes
  • Become comfortable with starting small
  • Forget the outcome and start
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