My gift Is the reason I started blogging


If you are a student of the bible, you will remember the master who gave his servants some money to invest before embarking on a long trip. Most of them did invest, and made some profits. But one decided to bury his money in a safe place without investing it. After a while, their master returned and asked about their investments. while every other person was excited, showing the master their returns, this other servant came back with the same amount he was given, looking dirty and worn out from lack of use. The master was very happy with every other servant but him. The master ordered that his dirty money be taken from him and given to the man who got the most yield from his investments and be locked up.
Moral lesson: do not hide your talents and gifts, share with the world and make the world a better place. If you don’t, your gift will become useless, and will be taken away from you.

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This story have hunted me for years. I know I have the gift to inspiring people. Almost all my friends used to come to me for advice. I just love listening to people and proffering solutions, pushing them to greater heights. Somewhere along the line, I lost myself. I became the man I warned people not to be. Guess what!! I lost my super powers. I lost my gift. My very powerful words lost its touch. My ability to listen, gone. I still had the passion to push people to do better, live better and be better, but how could I when I was doing the opposite myself. Those days were days of emptiness, I wasn’t feeling myself anymore. To fill the void, I’ll do pills, drugs and alcohol. They made me better for a while, but reality always had a way of hitting back when I was sober again. I was self-destructing.
Early this year I knew I had to make a change. I cut away from friends, spent so much time alone because I knew that was the only way to interact with myself and find myself again. I began to read books, I began to set goals, I began to pray more and go to church more. With time I changed my circle.
Long story short, I’ve got my super powers back!! I don’t just motivate individuals, I own a blog I motivate the world with. I’m getting great feedbacks and I can feel myself again. Now I see the world as my kingdom.

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