3 reasons you might be using social media wrongly

Social media is just crazy! Do you remember when your parents will seize your phone because they wanted you to “face your book” and stop “Facebook”? Sometimes you just turn the house upside down just to discover where your phone is.
You even put your phone inside your book pretending to be “facing your book” while actually “Facebooking”. Fast-forward to this day, you and your parents, who spends more time on Facebook?  I just laughed the first time I got a notification that my dad just updated his profile picture.

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Social media platforms are on the internet, a virtual world. Why do you spend so much time on a virtual world when you live on this same physical world that I live? You just spend so much time in this virtual world trying to get the most like, a large followership, how does this translate into real success in this real world for you? Wow!! That picture now has 200 likes on Facebook, that’s good. But do you have a likeable personality in this real world? To me the real world likes matters most. Walk with me as I discuss how social media is

Killing your Relationship

Have you ever been on Facebook in the late hours of the night and you see a couple both online by 10 p.m. You wake up the next morning, go back online and her last seen was 1 a.m. and his last seen online is 12:30 a.m. Sometimes this trend continues for days. I wonder if they are having an all-night family Facebook conference LOL. Of course I’m not saying you should stay away from your phone. But is your phone taking the time of your spouse? Do you even know if your spouse feels neglected from your relationship with your phone? Don’t kill your relationship gradually because you can’t stay away from your phone. Some mothers just ping away while their babies starve away, what is your priority, the phone or the kids. “I should have paid more attention to them” is what you will be saying tomorrow if you don’t pay attention today.

Making you lose touch with yourself

You spend so much time on your favourite celebrity’s profile. Liking every picture and reading through every comment. You begin to fall so much in love with their lifestyle and everything they represent. Unknowingly, you begin to connect with their world more than you do your world. You want to look like them at all cost, post pictures wearing the same cloth they wore last week no matter the cost. But wait!! Do you even know that they make money posting those pictures? Do any make any money from yours? Story for another day. You just lose yourself becoming your favourite celebrity instead of yourself. The best you can be is you.

Gives you a false sense of belonging

Do you know anybody brag about their followers on twitter? How much likes they pull on Instagram? Those are really good. Believe me I try hard every day to pull those followers and likes to my blog and social media platforms. But a lot of people are so caged up to this social media likes and followers that they go through troubles to get them, but what have you done to better yourself in real life. You spend so much resources to gain social media relevance, what have you done to gain real life relevance?
Social media is a powerful tool. It can make or mare you. Social media can make you rich or poor. It can make you better or worse, depends on your use of it. Choose to use positively and wisely. Pay attention to your real life, not just your phone. Don’t make social media replace your relationships, social media can’t comfort or cheer you up. You have lots of followers and likes doesn’t mean your life is perfect, pay attention to real life.
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  1. This is fantastic, unfortunately i have to admit how true this is. the virtual world sum it all up. i’ll regularly check this site, i hope to see how i can use the social media to my advantage here soon.

    • Thank you Elijah. I am pleased you love the post. Do subscribe and to get updates delivered to your mail.

    • Yeah it is. I will he doing a post on one of my mentors and how he has affected me. Hope you’ve subscribed to get an update delivered to your email.Thanks for reading

  2. I especially agree with your last point. Also all this comparison with what the others have posted can be really nerve-wracking.

    • Konsgaard I appreciate your thoughts. It’s funny but social media has become a platform for people to compare thier lifes with other people’s lives. Hence most people drain themselves trying to live up to what they see on social media.

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